Use Case - Digital Media Library

Customer Name: Scottish Ballet

To co-incide with the opening of their state of the art headquarters in 2009, Scottish Ballet approached Cameron Communications with the idea of developing a digital media library. The idea was to encode all of their archived content and store it on a central server where it would be available to all members of staff within the organisation.

Working closely with George Thomson, Technical Director for Scottish Ballet, the system has progressed to become a multi-purpose tool that does more than simply store historical footage. Performance music, rehearsal content and other media is also stored and used extensively in order to prepare for the many performances that Scottish Ballet perform each year.


The Solution

Media Library Software
At the heart of the system is the media library software. We were given a specific set of requirements intended to provide the optimal experience to the end users.

  • Software had to be designed to fit in with the company's brand and colour scheme
  • With users made up of groups from different and very busy departments, along with varying degrees of computing expertise, the software had to be simple to use, with no steep learning curve
  • We had to provide the ability to create user groups with varying levels of access
  • The library had to provide the ability to organise video footage in to different groups
  • The video player had to be able to shuttle in slow motion to allow analysis of certain points
  • Users with elevated permissions could add chapter points along with descriptions to sections of video clips
  • Music files/albums could be imported in the the system. Along with standard music player functionality, we had to provide a tool for slowing down the tempo while maintaining the correct pitch
  • Users can store a list of favourite clips to quickly call upon during rehearsals
  • A simple search tool had to be included in order to quickly locate the desired multimedia
  • We had to provide import/export functionality
  • An offline mode was necessary for ballet staff on tour who still had to access to certain bits of footage


Archive historic/new material
A range of equipment was provided to allow an operator to import new content into the media library. This consisted of the following:

  • DVD Player
  • Kramer VP 728 (to select various audio/visual sources)
  • Encoder PC with Blackmagic HD capture card
Our bespoke software allows the user to import content into the media library from the following sources:

  • Blu Ray DVD Player
  • Composite Video Source
  • Component Video Source
  • SD or CF card (to import footage from video cameras)
All of these sources are input via the Kramer VP 728 that allowed us to scale all of the video to 720p if required. This would provide the best trade off between quality/storage.

Technology Used

  • NAS Unit
  • Custom Software
  • Digital Switching / Scaling
  • HDMI PC Capture Card