Use Case - Freeway Digital Signage System

Customer Name: WM Morrisons

Morrisons are the UK’s fourth largest food retailer with over 500 stores, employing 125,000 people and serving twelve million customers every week. At the heart of this massive operation are the seven regional distribution centres (RDCs) which store and supply products to the Morrisons stores throughout the country.

We were approached by Morrisons and asked to provide a branded signage solution which would keep staff within the RDCs informed and updated on a wide range of information including health and safety updates, travel information, share price and social/community events while also being able to display live TV. Displays would be installed within cafeterias and break out areas, and be capable of running 24/7 ensuring maximum coverage at all times.

As well as the RDCs, Morrisons also have a number of food manufacturing sites; Freeway Signage has been used within the manufacturing areas to display key performance indicators, production status as well as health and safety reminders and updates.


The Solution

Freeway Digital Signage
At the heart of the project is the Freeway Digital Signage system, developed by Cameron Communications. Our software was able to satisfy a number of requirements laid out by the system users. Some of the considerations our product was able to deliver on are outlined below:

  • A digital signage system which would be ran and controlled locally and remotely across the existing Morrisons network infrastructure
  • The ability to add content and messages locally
  • An easy to learn user interface, allowing staff to schedule events and content to the displays instantly or by a specific date and time
  • Display a wide range of media formats including live TV, power point, video, web pages and RSS news feeds

Other considerations
In addition to the software, a number of other considerations had to be taken in to account when delivering the system to each site:

  • Professional grade display capable of running 24/7
  • IP rated displays capable of withstanding extreme temperature and atmospheric conditions (for food manufacturing sites)
  • Depending on the site, a suitable means of distributing the information channel signals to each display. For example, VGA-CAT5 extenders, direct VGA cabling etc
  • Provide training for staff on the set up and use of the digital signage system
  • Post installation service and maintenance agreements

Technology Used

  • Freeway Signage Management Software
  • Freeway Signage Channel Playback Units
  • Freeway Web Streaming Unit
  • LG Large format 24/7 operation, Professional grade LED displays
  • IP56 Rated displays and brackets
  • IP56 Rated housings
  • CAT5/VGA Transmitter and Receiver Units