Visually stunning, easy to use, affordable digital signage solution
Our years of experience in the AV sector, installing LCD projector, Plasma/LCD screen systems led us to develop our very own Digital Signage software. We offer one of the easiest digital signage systems to operate on the market, at the same time providing a stunning visual display.

The page below will let you find out more about our digital signage system. If you want to discuss the product further, please feel free to get in touch today.

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Target your audience
You choose how to send your information, ensuring that your message is getting across to the right people, in the right place, at the right time
Start small and expand your system to meet your requirements, adding extra channels as needed
Easy to use
Keeping your displays up to date takes no time at all. Our management software can be used even by those with little technical know-how
Transform your screen
Forget about using the same boring content 24/7, show a variety of multimedia through a single display
You're in control
Choose whether to manage your Freeway Signage solution as a stand-alone system, or over a Local Area Network, or control any display anywhere in the world by running Freeway via a Wide Area Network or FTP server

Key Features

Include a large variety of multimedia in your display
Freeway Signage allows you to incorporate a wide range of multimedia content in to your system including:
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Flash
  • Web Pages
  • Video (including .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mp4, .mov)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Web Pages (can be scaled to fit data area)
  • Live TV/DVD via webstream or digital capture device
  • Scrolling text messages
Choose your own look
The Freeway Template Editor can be used to create your own customised or branded style and layout.
  • Import your own background image and logos to your custom template
  • Create an unlimited amount of layouts, using the multimedia elements you need
  • Fit in with your organisations look with custom font type and color selection
Freeway Signage also comes complete with a range of pre-defined templates which can be selected by style, type or colour, enabling the simplest and quickest method of creating dynamic signage.

Update your digital signage system with ease
The Freeway Event Wizard walks you through the process of updating your displays:
  • Content, layout and style of your display can be changed in real time
  • Schedule events to occur at a specific time and/or day
  • Broadcast content to multiple channels and displays
The Event Wizard makes the whole process straightforward with its intuitive step by step process. This means users with any level of technical expertise can operate and update the system.

Managing your system
Whether your organisation is large or small, Freeway Signage makes it easy to manage your digital signage system.
  • Display and schedule a wide range of media from a central source
  • Create an unlimited number of channels within your signage system
  • Create individual departmental user accounts allowing control of specific channels and displays
  • Extended warranty and service contract options are available
  • On-site training can be provided to help your operators get started
Our dedicated sales and technical team will advise you every step of the way making sure that you have signage system that best fits your requirements.

How Does it Work?

A Freeway Signage Playback Unit is required for each channel in your system, which in turn links back to the Freeway Scheduling software. Using this structure provides a number of advantages, these are outlined below:

Use any display type
Feed the output of the playback unit to any suitable display i.e. Large Screen TV, Projector, Video Wall
Compatible with existing network
The playback units are Windows based which means that they will fit seamlessly in to most networks. It is also capable of running as a stand-alone system where network access is an issue
Easy to expand
Adding more channels is easy, simply add an additional playback unit in to your network as and when you require
Easily maintained
System is built with standard components allowing for easy fault finding and maintenance

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