The portable recording system for teacher enquiry and analysis
Cameron Communications introduce Freeway cSkills Portable, a new and easy way to instantly record, playback, review and store live video from within your classroom.

Freeway cSkills is a collaborative Professional Review and Development tool that enables teachers to reflect on, analyse and share teaching practices.

Our system has been developed to improve teaching and learning. It allows for deep, objective self-reflection and peer observation, secure sharing of practice, and more effective coaching and mentoring relationships.

Benefits of video recording in the classroom

With a rapidly changing and modernising teaching environment, it is important to have a means of developing teaching methods and practices that will work in harmony to reflect the needs of the modern classroom.

There are a number of areas that video recording can help improve such as:
  • Develop curriculum and teaching methods via a collaborative review process
  • Inspire teacher confidence with both self and peer assessment
  • Encourage discussion and debate amongst fellow professionals
  • Raise attainment and pupil performance
  • Identify and share best practice in context

Why use Freeway cSkills?

We have developed a recording system that is designed to meet the demands of teaching professionals. A range of considerations have been taken in to account in order to attain all of the benefits discussed:
  • With time at a premium, it is not ideal to learn how to operate a complex software package. Our interface is designed with simplicity in mind, meaning it can be used easily, with no steep learning curve required
  • To overcome any potential I.T issues, our system operates out with the school network, meaning it can be set up and used instantly
  • With all of the equipment contained within a single case, the system is ultra portable and can shared throughout your school
  • By simplifying the standard setup we offer a low cost solution all the while maintaining the key benefits required for teacher enquiry and analysis

Key Features

The solution consists of a mobile recording unit, coupled with intuitive tablet control software, making the capture and review process easier than ever.

Hardware features:
  • Convenient mount and trolley system for camera and recording hardware making it easy to wheel between various areas
  • A tough, durable custom built case for portability
  • Complete unit can be broken down and re-assembled with ease
  • Choice of either a high quality fixed lens or 360 degree rotation camera
  • Show live feed on existing displays such as interactive whiteboard systems/LCD displays using the integrated video output
  • All of the equipment communicates wirelessly, making it a truly portable application
  • Audio capture including wireless lapel and boundary microphone
  • System is "stand-alone", so no integration with existing networks is required

Software features:
  • Our intuitive control software is designed using a tablet interface to move the camera/trigger recordings
  • User-defined tags allow users to mark points of interest during live and post recording
  • The system is flexible with regards to the recording format used, allowing playback on any device
  • Camera control in real time with programmable preset positions, allowing for quick movement
  • Playback software included for immediate feedback of recordings, recalling any tag points marked during the recording
  • Recordings can be copied on to a USB memory device for playing content on other devices
  • Delete feature for removing unwanted recordings instantly
For more information of to arrange a demonstration, please feel free to contact us today.