Use Case – Freeway cSkills Digital Recording System

Customer Name: Crosshouse Hospital

NHS Ayrshire & Arran sought to improve and upgrade the outdated analogue recording solution in the skills lab at Crosshouse hospital.

The main requirements of the project included:

  • Implement an easy to use system to allow multiple user to record the various simulation scenarios that take place in the skills lab
  • Replace the existing recording solution (DVD recorder) with a more dynamic and reliable method
  • Integration with the Laerdal manikin simulator, so that the vital signs feed can be recorded as well as the camera feeds
  • Provide the nearby de-brief room with the required technology to allow both live and recorded sessions to be viewed from within
  • For recordings to take place throughout both Crosshouse and Ayr hospitals, portable solutions were required to provide recording and playback functionality


The Solution

Fixed Camera Solution
Three pan tilt zoom cameras were installed in the skills lab and setup in and around the area where the manikin simulator is normally located, with ceiling mounted microphones capturing the audio. The neighbouring control room has a view of the skills lab through one-way glass, and houses the main recording and control equipment.

The de-brief room down the corridor has a 42” display and can provide a live view of the skills lab as well as accessing the main library of completed recordings.

The whole system is underpinned by our Freeway cSkills software, with a few bespoke elements built in to meet the exact and specific requirements of the client.

Main features of the fixed camera solution include:

  • Pan tilt zoom cameras with programmable presets allow complete coverage of the skills lab
  • Main control workstation features a touch screen for easy interaction
  • Simple and intuitive user interface allowing the complete range of desired functionality including: camera selection, camera control, starting/stopping of a recording and much more
  • The video is recorded in a quad split screen, giving a simultaneous view of the 3 cameras and the vital signs signal from Laerdal Sim Man in each of the four quadrants
  • Recordings stored and located on local NAS storage unit, allowing for playback from the control room and the de-brief room
  • Recordings available instantly for playback and debrief as soon as the session is complete
  • User definable tagging facility allows the user to mark or chapter the video at a specific point of interest. The tags will then appear alongside the video in the playback software, allowing the user to quickly access that particular point of the recording at the touch of a button


cSkills Portable Recording
Two Freeway cSkills portable camera systems were provided to allow users to carry out recordings in a variety of settings at both Crosshouse and Ayr hospitals.

Some of the key features the portable systems provide are as follows:

  • Height adjustable trolley allows camera to be moved around and easily setup to record in a variety of situations
  • Audio capture from either or both fixed gooseneck microphone at the top of the stand, and wireless lapel microphone which can be worn
  • Stand-alone system with built in recording, which can be accessed and operated wirelessly from the included tablet PC, without the requirement to connect the hospital network
  • Tablet PC includes cSkills software providing simple operation for the user to record, control the camera, tag the video etc.
  • Interface for connecting manikin simulator so that the vital signs data feed can be recorded

cSkills Playback\Multimedia Viewer
The portable camera systems are complimented by the multimedia viewer which wirelessly connects to the main recorder of the camera system; this allows a temporary debrief area to be set up for viewing and playback of recordings. The 22” touch screen display is easily operated, and a recording can be selected from the playback software and viewed almost instantly once the recording is complete.

In addition to this, the screen can also be used to view a variety of multimedia such as images, videos and audio. This can be used to present items like x-rays, training videos and other documentation to the user.

Technology Used

  • Freeway cSkills Record, Playback and Control Software.
  • Freeway cSkills Post Debrief Software
  • Freeway cSkills Recorder Unit
  • QNAP 6T Byte NAS Server for Recordings