Move your recording equipment between different areas with our mobile solution
"Introducing the portable video recording system from Cameron Communications"
Following on from the success of the cSkills recording system, our clients expressed a need to make recordings without being tied to a single location.

This led to the development of the cSkills Portable Recording System. Our aim has been to develop a solution that provides portability while maintaining the ease of use associated with our clinical skills product range.

With a number of systems in use across a variety of NHS and university facilities, we continue to listen to our customers and develop our product to meet the evolving requirements of the clinical skills education market.

Record and Review

Capture every moment of your teaching/assessment scenario for immediate feedback and analysis. High quality video and audio will ensure nothing is missed

Wireless Tablet Control

Position your recording unit in a convenient location thanks to our wirelessly controlled solution

Simple Interface

Our tablet software is so easy to use, even the most inexperienced users should have no difficulty creating their own recordings without having to rely on system support

Fully Portable System

The system is designed so that the camera and all of the recording hardware is all contained within a mobile unit, allowing you to move the system to any area you want to record

Tagging - Analysis Made Easy

Real time tagging allows users to quickly navigate to points of interest in the recording. Tags can also be amended or added during playback

Integrate Patient Data

The system comes with the ability to connect and record data feeds. For example, this could be patient information generated from a manikin simulator such as an ECG

Live Monitoring

A preview of the video and audio can be broadcast to a separate location in order to accommodate a larger audience

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please feel free to contact us today.