Custom assessment for your clinical skills recording system
"Building your recording system around your assessment process"
As part of the on-going development of our cSkills product, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve the overall benefit of acquiring video for teaching purposes.

A number of our clients have approached us with regards to implementing an assessment process that will link in with the recordings, in turn enhancing the feedback aspect of their system.

As we develop the software in-house, this is something we accommodate in your project. Working closely with our clients, we can design and produce an effective means of assessment, completely tailored to fit seamlessly with your organisation's guidelines.

Custom Design

We will consult with you in order to create a software soltuion that mirrors your current paper assessment methods

Easy to Use

We design our user interfaces with the intention of making them intuitively easy to use. This allows users of any technical level to operate the system

Unlimited Assessments

We design our software so the end user can define any number of assessments. You will not be limited to a single assessment design. This is important if different users require a different assessment form

Link to Recordings

All assessment software is designed to work in conjunction with your Freeway cSkills Recording system, providing an electronic portfolio of video coupled with assessments

Flexible Reporting Options

Assessment data can be used to generate an HTML or PDF report that will present the feedback is a readable/printable format

Ongoing Development Available

Like any learning tool, new ideas an innovations are always being applied to improve teaching methods. Our flexible service packages can ensure that your assessment module can be modified as new ideas develop

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please feel free to contact us today.